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So you’re looking to increase your income, reach, orders or generate some more publicity for your work but don’t have time to build and run and maintain a website or run expensive marketing campaigns?
Join our Exposure program for Writers and Bloggers. It’s currently 100% FREE and extremely simple to get started.


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What’s In It For You:

> A great free way for Freelance and Writers and Bloggers to get your work seen by a huge amount of new eyes every month.

> Link your articles back to your own website for a boost in traffic, more orders of your services or just some extra link juice.

> Have your content syndicated out across the web.

> We Social Bookmark all your content so you don’t have to.

> Perfect if you haven’t any technical skill or don’t have time to build and maintain your own website.

> Seed your articles with your own Links, Banners or Promotions.

> Benefit from organic traffic from other writers articles.

> Get support for Ad and Banner placement if you have never placed a Banner Ad before.

> Grow your orders with a new engaged and growing traffic source.

> Create free high quality backlinks for your SEO projects.

> Create passive income from your works.



> You must be able to produce 1 x 500+ word Internet Marketing related article per week.

> Your article must be submitted every week before 11.59pm Thursday EST. Failure to do this may result in you being dropped by the program. However any articles published and links  / promotion contained therein will remain active on the site so you continue to benefit from your efforts.


How To Get Started:

Simply click here to register. Registration takes 2 minutes.

#1 – Log onto your account here.

#2 – Create your article in our WordPress HTML editor.

#3 – When you’re happy with your work navigate the “Publish” panel on the right. Click to edit “Status”, change this to “Pending Review” and click “Ok”. Now click the “Save as Pending” button just above.

That’s it, All done!

Q: Can i submit more than one article at a time?

A: Certainly! We will just schedule them 1 per week into the future.

Q: Do you publish every article submitted?

A: We pretty much publish everything as long as it’s original and not offensive in anyway and is Internet Marketing related.

Q: What happens to my published articles if i leave the program or my account is closed?

A: We leave your articles in place and publically visible on the site. So you continue to benefit. However you may request changes to the links on the site by messaging us via our Facebook Page.

Q: Can i post / write about any topic?

A: We ask that you write about something Internet Marketing related in keeping with the theme of the site and keep the material clean and none offensive. But other than than it’s completely up to you.

Q: How often must i submit an article?

A: We expect WEP member to post 1 article per week of 500 words or more. This is because this volume allows you to build your readership and helps you best reach your exposure goals. We may change this in the future.

Q: What is your QA Process?

A: We check for plagarism and offensive content. We also confirm that any links or marketing banners you include are working as expected. If there is any problems with your work we will fix it if its something minor or notify you make changes before we publish.

Q: How long before you publish my article after submission?

A: We review and schedule your work within for the following week 24 hours of the submission deadline. If there are QA issues with your article this may in rare circumstances cause a slight delay. If you submit multiple articles all at the same time the process is the same except we will spread out the articles ie. Week #1, Week #2, Week #3… and so on.

Q: Do you provide editing tools?

A: Yes, we provide you with a full wordpress based HTML editor. You can also use your own and just copy/paste/submit. Whatever works best for you.

Q: Can i edit my articles / links / ads at a later date?

A: You can make small corrections or append articles after release. We allow you to change links / anchor text / banner ads whenever you like. Just message us with you request. We view think your articles should remain an assett and a benefit to you forever and therefore if your link destinations change its only right you get to update your article to reflect this and continue to benefit. We may also notify you if any of your article links die because the destination is inactive so you resolve the issue or redirect the link.

Q: How do i submit an article?

A: It couldn’t be easier! Just log, prepare your article and when your happy change the change the status to “pending review”. We will then process all your articles marked Pending Review immediately after each deadline.

Q: What happens if i don’t submit articles on time?

A: You may be removed from the program as we want to devote our resources to committed WEP members. You can submit as many article as you like at anyone time if you’re worried about missing the weekly deadline. We will then que these articles for you and drip them out 1 per week until they are all published to the site.

Q: Is there any charges for being in the WEP program?

A: Currently the program is 100% free with no hidden costs or fees.

Q: I can’t find the answer i’m looking for in the FAQ’s how do i get more information?

A: Just message us via our Facebook Page using the button provided on this page and someone will get back to you.

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