3 Simple Ways To Make An Extra £100 This Week! – Step By Step Guide!


Most of the time people are not aware how easy it is to make an extra 20, 50, 200 pounds per day. Well lets fix that by going over 3 Simple Ways To Make An Extra £100 This Week… and beyond!

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Get paid to give blood

Giving blood is for medical research is a simple way to earn some extra ££>£££ while doing some good at the same time. However usually your unable to donate more than once per month which means this is never going to be a way to replace your day job, though it may help pay that pesky end of month surprise bill.  Also bare in mind payout amounts do vary quite a bit.

The process?

1. Contact the specialist medical research facilities that require these donations and arrange to drop by to meet with their resident vampire :p

Here are 3 websites you can contact who provide this facility.

Clinical Trails Laboratory Services


Rent out your space

The second of my 3 Simple Ways To Make An Extra £100 is rent out your space. This one sounds risky but is actually quite safe and getting safer due to the many security measures companies provide for hosts and guest to ensure nothing goes wrong. Some of these measures are; scanned passports and other proof of ID documents from guests as well as water tight compensation procedures and insurance which will ease your midnight paranoia :p Additionally hosting can be made into a regular income without too much effort and will typically net you  £100-£150 per week.

The process?

1. Register with a web based agent who will find guests for you and contact you with the details of there potential stay for you to accept or decline.

2. Prepare your space for guests of all shapes and sizes.

Register with any of the 3 sites below to get started and try this out.



Become a Pet Sitter

This one is not for you if you’re not a pet lover. Dead simple; care for people’s pets at times of the day they cant. Payments for this kind of service often differ drastically depending on where about’s in the country you are and what types of pets you will be sitting. You can expect to quite easily make a small part time income becoming a pet sitter.

The process?

1. Register with an Internet based agent or place an paper Ad in your local neighbourhood store or supermarket.

2. Wait be contacted.

Below are 3 great websites to check out if you think this may be for you. Get started by registering through the site 😉

Max & Kitty


That’s my 3 Simple Ways To Make An Extra £100 this week…


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To Your Success!
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