Why Network Marketing Online Anyway?

The Network Marketing Online Elephant

Firstly lets address the elephant in the room; You have a system and it duplicates and there’s no need to use any new-fangled technology to grow your Network Marketing business, besides its a peoples business, face to face, this type of business only works in person. Oh and; we enjoy the social interaction that’s why we don’t do Network Marketing online

If you’re reading this you have probably heard that a least a few times from your up-line and other people probably people doing quite well in your company. But did you ever ask yourself what the core objectives of a NM business and or any other business for that matter? A: Grow distribution by delivering value to the marketplace in exchange for cash, PERIOD!

Now granted there are lots of other benefits to growing business, not least the necessary social connections and interactions that you must develop along the way if you want to succeed. However these benefits come as a bi-product of delivering value to the marketplace in exchange for a cash reward or further developing personal skills in order to provide that value. In other words everything should be driven my how you deliver value to the market place.


Business For The Sake Of It

It always strikes be as bizarre when i hear Network Marketers harp on about being involved for the socials. Wait a minute! I thought that was why people threw a barbecue, went out on a weekend or joined a discussion group. Network Marketing BarbequeThen its not surprising that you see so many people doing NM that seem to be just hanging around for the conversation and why the failure rate is said to be well over 90%. The come back is always “well if we can make some money meeting friends and having fun, then great…” Then the reality of actually grinding to grow a business kicks in and they do a David Blaine and disappear. Like fall off the end of the planet, Gone!


(Your chuckling to yourself right now if you have been in the NM game longer than 1 year. If not your in denial, we’ll fix that read on)


Now let me ask you; why bother? Why bother deceiving yourself in the first place. You got into Network Marketing because your friend said it would be a good way to make some extra cash, you liked the products or services and thought they could be sold easily, liked the appeal of residual income or you saw the people making a killing and thought “give me some of that action”! not because you needed some friends. Because if that’s the case… well just click off this article now because reading this whats next probably isn’t what you need right now!

So now we’re clear on why you started, and hey motivations change, but you should be interested on holding on to the ones that make you take action towards growing your business.

If not, guess what!?! Your business slows …then screeches a bit right before it derails!


The Preservation

Ok, so all this causes the question to arise; If predominantly people start a network marketing business to pay bills and maybe crush them into oblivion then why all the talk of “hanging out with friends” and “not in it for the money”?

Well there are three reasons that this occurs, and its no accident…

This occurs because there is a need for social reinforcement aka. social proof which keeps afloat morale and a requirement for protectionism within typical offline network marketing. This may have you wrapped like a mummy Let me explain…Network Marketing Mummy

3 Reasons

  1. If attrition (in anything) let alone MLM is 90+% what is there a lot of!?! Yes, you got it. FAILURE! Which in itself is no bad thing, except if your new to personal development and or NM you don’t understand that failure can be extremely beneficial and fortuitous. You surely wouldn’t last a minute and bearing in mind the high turnover of distributors, EVERYBODY IS NEW! This requires that peoples mood is bolstered for long enough that they come to learn how failing is an integral part of growth and success.
  2. Unfortunately we are weened since birth to believe, falsely that failure is bad, due to this failing reduces our self esteem and we have a tendency to adopt a cover when we’re not winning.  Some such convenience as “ahh, just hanging out with friends”. This is uber convenient for NM businesses because the bi-product is that people can, and do start to use this community factor in their pitch which sometimes helps to snag a new lonely rep or two.
  3. Another important reason this culture is welcomed is it helps protection of the system by drawing critical focus from the “system”. A little like the job of the US President is bigger than the man/woman, the “system” dwarfs the individual and is hallowed in MLM and not to be trifled with for fear of disrupting the flow of cash to the central company or those the business is currently working well for. Which is not at all unreasonable. Though you must understand this if you are to become not just another sheep of another crowd.

Because we don’t do sheep do we!?!

Backwards by design

While some businesses models are very innovative  in their approach typically Network Marketing is quite the opposite. Regardless of company line.

However for any business to survive long term it must change and adapt with the market. And the market moves with the times!


The Path To EvolutionNetwork Marketing Online Evolution to computer users

The typical way a NM company evolves and updates its procedure or systems is through feedback from its top producers, which are relatively few
and usually not very incentivised to modernise as they are already “killing it”. Due to this fact evolution and modernisation is painfully slow. Companies (unless new) are almost always behind or drastically behind the technology curve. However while the company as a whole drags its feet into the future you as an Independent Business Owner or Distributor are at liberty to do as you will, inside of the law and the companies T&C’s which are usually fairly liberal.


The New Market

The market place is shifting in a major way! People who once spent all there hard earned cash on the high street are instead opting more and more for online retail. Two main reasons for this are:

  1. Online services are becoming better, cheaper, more convenient and more numerous.
  2. The older generation is dying off and the internet and tech savvy youth are growing up into consumers.

Here; take a look at this chart from the Wall Street Journal showing this year on year trend.

Wall Street Journal Internet Consumer Chart - Network Marketing Online Is The Future

The Duplication Misconception

“Duplication” a term entrenched in Network Marketing and is often taken to mean “do this, this way ONLY”. I like to think of duplication in what may seem a more familier business term “Scale”. Why do you duplicate in the first place? That’s right because you want to grow your distribution. Except offline you are at the mercy of your down-line and therefore your ability to move them to action. which is no bad thing. Except your also at the mercy of their desire, ability, emotions, health, family, etc. and never ending list of other commitments.

This all changes when you move online. No longer is your destiny in bobby’s hands who cant be bothered to attend training because the big game is on. Or Mary who has a hang over from the weekend. You take control back and duplication potential becomes limitless and unbounded instantly!


Take Your Liberties And Share Them

Business favours the bold as does fortune. Its a case if putting the “I” back in Independent when you start to skew the boundaries of the system. But just as many other top earners in MLM i believe that you must make the system and life in general work for you! If nothing more than by virtue of the fact that we are not all sheep that live in the same field eating the same grass. We are as diverse as the trees in the forest and the leaves that grow from them. There are just far more efficient ways to distribute and recruit out there (without being anti-social) if you look.

And when you find what works for you don’t forget to share that knowledge with others who may benefit for a compounding growth effect.


Network Marketing Online, Destroys Offline!

Ok, well it’s a bold statement. This graph may solidify why going online makes as much sense in NM as any other business. A trend that will certainly become more apparent as the older generation are replaced by the new online addicted youth.


Network Marketing Online NM Benefits



So with that said it’s clear Network Marketing Online can allow us to grow like a beast!

None of the above is to say that if you have been running your business offline you should down tools and pick up your laptop. Transition is sensible and strongly advised. Even then sometimes running a hybrid business will work well long term. You will need to tinker to see what works for you and your niche. No matter how many systems you see online and hear about many of the same truths apply. Define your desires and goals clearly before you set out Network Marketing Online. Also to be willing to get your feet wet and try new things to succeed.

As always having someone who is already having success online to learn from goes a long way. Try joining a forum, group or Network Marketing Online education community. And don’t forget to utilise EOMP.CO and the great resources in our Grow section. I have also found everything you do offline correlates with an online action see the chart below.


Network Marketing Online NM Transitioning


You must learn these skills as you would do any others to make progress. That said, all online tasks can and should eventually be automated in some form. Which makes you truly independent of even your NM company. Hence the reason why many online NM’ers move lots of varied offers and products across lots of niches.

As you can see your skills wont be less or more. They just translate to their online equivalent and you must still learn and earn mastery.


The Anti-Social Myth Bust

Internet Marketing is as social if not more social than any other kind of marketing. You still must engage with your audience (which is potentially vastly bigger than an offline network would be) and online peers to succeed while Network Marketing Online. Do this via webinars, forums and the ever expanding plethora of social media services. And guess what!?! online marketers still meet off-line, hold conferences and meet ups. The top of the Network Marketing Online game is a social as any. You will be amazed what you find when you start to look!



Change is usually challenging. But with challenges come growth moving your business online either partially or fully has wide reaching ramifications. But ultimately growing online means increased flexibility and Independence, with a vastly expanded marketplace. The effects of which, if done correctly will echo for several lifetimes.

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