Make Money Affiliate Marketing With YouTube

YouTube, as you may already know is one of the largest search engines in the world it actually ranks higher than Google Search on certain devices at the time this article was written. YouTube has become the defacto search partner for people seeking a visual representation of information accompanied with audio.


The types of video indexed by YouTube fit broadly into four categories:


Review Videos

These are simply videos produced where the creator explains the functionality and the pro’s and con’s of specific items often vs one or more competing products or services these types of videos can be extremely useful for people searching for the best option before making a buying decision.

Tutorial Videos

Similar to review videos except that during a tutorial video the video creator focuses on how to use the specific product or service.  these videos are aimed at people that are having difficulty using a product or service and are seeking help with it.  These are essentially problem solving videos

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing Videos are created to show the unboxing of usually a physical product(s) but on some occasions also a non physical product(s) ie a software suite of some kind or Another.  This type of video can be super useful for people who are interested in buying gifts and also people who would like to find out which complementary items are packaged with an item before buying. These videos also come in handy If you would like to determine the size and proportions of a given item or how securely it is packed as this can be somewhat difficult to tell from marketing pieces.

Viral Videos

This video type is designed to do nothing other than create massive engagement. The Creator’s often compile content that is of no intellectual value or at least very little and instead replace the content with often hilarious scenes and content designed to invoke a strong emotional reaction.

The’re are many other subcategories of videos these five types generally speaking account for 90% of the video types on YouTube.

Why is this important you may ask? Simply because as an affiliate marketer your primary aim is to match message with market doing so successfully entitles you to eyeballs, eyeballs equal traffic, traffic equals revenue which in turn leads to profit.


So the question becomes how do we turn YouTube videos into traffic sources for our affiliate offers?

There are very many creative ways in which to achieve this for now we’re just going to cover the basics…


…The first and most simple way to achieve this would be to find videos that are extremely popular in your niche and simply comment on these videos in a constructive manner and integrate your affiliate links into your comments simple but effective.


The second method Is more involved and requires more creativity on your behalf but can yield much greater results this involves creating your own video which can be done with nothing more than a smartphone and free editing software such as lightworks In the form of one of the five video types mentioned above. You would then insert a call to Action at the end of the video as well as links in the description to your affiliate site.


Of course once the video is completed there is a multitude of minor SEO tasks to be completed including but not limited to the correct naming the video you’ve created and the adding of all the pertinent tags as well as external links pointing to your video which can be achieved by sharing the video on your favourite social media networks.


You can also embed the video in your blog to drive additional engagement.


Care should also be taken not to trigger YouTube’s inbuilt spam filters by adding lots of repeating keywords as this can undermine your efforts to climb the YouTube serps.


Be mindful that all the usual psychological triggers apply to the making of your film as well as the rules around creating good copy in your description as well as your narration, that the chimes with your target audience.  As ever consistency is the key and the more works you create with more links, the greater your authority becomes, which in turn will lead to the driving of more traffic.



To get a head start in creating your film, perform a search on your topic and see which videos are already ranking highly in the serps.  Take note of how these videos are formatted. Your task is to outdo and outperform these  these competing videos.


Doing will grant you a reward of an abundance of traffic in most any niche imaginable.


Be careful to disallow any ads on your videos that may interrupt or distract from your message  and it’s also a good idea to remain as transparent as possible by making clear that  the links you provide are indeed affiliate links.


Like anything this takes practice don’t be disheartened if the first video you put out isn’t Blockbuster. However this is a completely viable way to drive traffic to your offers and significantly this method requires very little maintenance once you have created and tweaked your asset into a high performing traffic highway!


That’s it for this article folks! and as always any questions or additions you would like to make please reach out to me or leave your comments below.

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