Affiliate Tips – Multiple Leg Creation and Scaling

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could earn commissions over and over again residually from your affiliate blog article?


…this can and does happen for consistent and hard-working affiliates however there are some pitfalls that can mean your hard work and effort can be somewhat diminished if for instance Google decides to make changes to its algorithm which can have detrimental effect on your rankings in their search engine.


This can happen at any time!


…and with a quick search on the web you can find  turns of horror stories of people’s work being wiped out by changes that Google have made to their search engine ranking system


One of the ways that you can hedge against this problem is to create multiple legs. No not those things that you put shoes and pants on I’m of course referring to multiple income streams or assets.


This may sound complex and time consuming but in effect this simply means duplicating what works, what you’ve already proven to generate income in different forms and in different locations.


If you’ve already discovered how to make money with your affiliate marketing…


…then you’re 90% of the way there now it’s time to scale what you’ve learnt so far and in doing so create redundancy and security in your business.


The idea is to build up a portfolio of assets which overtime, and into the future will produce multiple streams of income meaning that you are not having any sleepless nights asking yourself the question what if something happens to my single cash producing asset or article.

Let’s go over some ideas and suggestions on how you may roll out this creation of multiple  legs…


1 – My first suggestion on how to build your income and secure against loss is to simply create more articles of the same ilk. Now it’s very important not to duplicate word for word the work that you’ve already created however it’s very simple to take the same Concepts Styles and Themes and create more articles containing more value for the reader.  Always lead with value! 

Keep this in mind when creating your “Similar” articles.  also bear in mind that Google is getting smarter and smarter every day so using a spin rewriter and duplicating content is an extremely risky and usually unfruitful way to create content and usually ends up in disaster.


What I would suggest is if you have been creating one article blog sites reviewing products and sending traffic to affiliate offers that you may think about creating similar sites in different niches on new domains this will allow you to produce comparative Analytics between the two or more examples you have of similar work and can be very effective in judging the profitability to be gained from certain Niches.


2 – Another suggestion for scaling your business is to create articles for other people’s blogs.  This can be extremely effective if you create a content rich, high value articles for an influencer in your industry or niche.  To get started with this method you must first that identify websites and influences that you would like to collaborate with with audiences that are likely to convert when viewing your affiliate offers. 


Once you have completed this the next step is to reach out to the blog owner simply by using the contact information on the contact us page of their website. Write them an email explaining that you would like to write an article for placement on their website as a guest completely free of charge also offering them the link to some of your previously created best work in the email. 


The influencer should be more than happy to take you up on your offer as writing content can be very time consuming and are expensive for anybody who is growing a curating a Blog therefore they often will be happy to take most anybody up on the offer of free high value content that they can utilise to increase their readership.  However be prepared to be ignored by some blog owner.


The key is to be persistent and to send out emails to multiple influencers. This method also has the added benefit of driving potentially thousands or tens of thousands or more visitors to your own blog or assets which you can link back to your offers all while developing you as an authority in the specific niche. 


Things to remember when crafting your official email to the influencer is these guys are usually super busy and they more engaged, and therefore valuable their audience the busier the given influencer will be and therefore it’s extremely important when writing your email to keep it short and to the point.  Again use the principle of leading with value and you can’t go far wrong using this method.


3 – Option 3 is perhaps the easiest of all and that is because you do not need any web properties yourself or any collaborators to get running with this. You simply need to have accounts with popular social media networks.

The idea is to create high value written content containing your links and post it to popular social media networks such as Facebook I’m blogging sites, most of which are completely free to use such as  which is an excellent choice because this platform is owned by Google themselves therefore any content that you create for this platform will be indexed almost immediately. 


As a side note you can use to provide backlinks to your own personal blog content and also two encourage Google to index your content quicker.


So there you have it a few ways that you can diversify and grow your portfolio and therefore hedge against problems that can occur when Google or third parties make changes that have negative effects on your flow of traffic.


A final note: 


Not everything has to be equally successful! your job as an  affiliate is to measure what works, duplicate and scale what works and cut back and eliminate what is ineffective. 


Build up a routine of creating quality content and distributing it across the web on a regular basis linking back to your offers  and in no time you will have a huge and highly profitable portfolio producing you residual income on a regular basis.



Any questions reach out to me or any suggestions on other ways to expand and scale please leave a comment below…

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